Dominique interior page
Interior page from
ICON DEVIL volume 2,
I'm loving doing the art for these two issues. Even a tame scene where this character walks through her house in the morning, listening to the radio news, is spiced with whatever I could invent... teddy bear slippers, a pet weasel wanting a cookie, the girl bouncing the cookie off her foot and the weasel catching it in the air, a pet monkey creature banging the pots and pans, a view from inside the fridge, as long as it was a little different and attractive, I tried it.
Even the most boring 'filler' scene had to be stimulating and captivating, to me. I bent myself sideways always trying to figure out some neat new detail to keep the viewer glued. You just don't see that nowadays, but it's a big part of what the fans loved about the book.